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We are a small collective of creative, dedicated patients and advocates whose mission it is to sound the alarm about the growing public health concern that is breast cancer among women, men, and non-binary or genderqueer populations.

Our mission at #CancerCulture is to produce transformative events for people living with breast cancer. During these events, we use photography and videography to capture still photos and video footage of patients, helping them share their stories and shedding light on the realities of living life with breast cancer. #CancerCulture is focused on using our media as a tool to shift the paradigm and change the way you think about breast cancer through art, culture, and equitable development. 

#CancerCulture has gained a rapidly growing presence within the breast cancer community and is quickly becoming become a leader in the field. This multi-media outreach program is on a mission to redefine the face of this illness and reject the notion that breast cancer defines those who battle it.

Photo: Erin R.  (d. 6.16.2020)



We are storytellers at our core, capturing and sharing the stories of authentic patient experiences, raising awareness of the realities of the disease, provoking and inspiring change. Cancer Culture promotes authentic and empowering story- telling, shining a light on the realities of the disease, all while creating a sense of community among patients, building bridges between the early and late-stage patients, and helping to fund life-saving research.


We produce and document transformative events for the patient community, including patient and care-giver retreats, fashion events, concerts, and art exhibits. Through these programs, we bring patients together to create community and lasting memories, helping patients heal mentally and emotionally through artistic expression and fellowship. Cancer Culture is all about building community and relationships among patients, while detailing their experiences along the way.

We create social content focused on shifting the paradigm and changing the way you and the world thinks about breast cancer through art, culture, and equitable development.

The vast and impactful body of work produced not only provides platform for early stage patients to share their stores and creates  lasting legacy for terminally ill patients, but also provides a space where anybody dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis can go to feel seen and find representation, a story that looks and sound like their own. 

Photo: Halli L.  (d. 12.29.2020) & wife Erica