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Beth Fairchild

Beth Fairchild is an, artist, activist and yogi, living with metastatic breast cancer (mBC). Beth’s mBC diagnosis in 2014 came as a shock, as she had never experienced a palpable lump her breast and undergone a mammogram one week prior with negative results. Following her de novo diagnosis, Beth was surprised to learn that the mBC community was particularly underrepresented and and that mBC research was pitifully underfunded. She started a virtual protest that turned into a social media movement to raise awareness for mBC using the hashtag #DontIgnoreStageIV, which connected her to METAvivor. Beth served on the Board of Directors at METAvivor, then as Vice President, and finally three additional years as President of the organization before stepping down to pursue other avenues in advocacy.  


Beth worked as a professional tattoo artist who specialized in permanent cosmetics and areola complex tattooing for women and men who experienced breast surgery or other trauma to the chest, but has since stopped working due to peripheral neuropathy as a result of chemo therapy. Since her forced retirement, Beth spends time advocating and supporting for other women and men living with breast cancer, as well as spending time on her yoga mat, enjoying healthy eats, traveling, the outdoors, gardening, crocheting, and spending time with her family. 

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