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Champagne Joy

Champagne Joy of Yonkers, NY passed away suddenly on March 27, 2017 at the age of 49. She is survived by her loving husband Michael Hall, her mother Grace Speare Shapiro, her sister Luana Walther, her brother-in-law Edward Walther and her beloved nephews Blake and Julian. Champagne will be sorely missed by her family, numerous friends, the Metastatic Breast Cancer community and all that had the honor of knowing her.

Champagne was a blue-haired wonder / internet phenom with a heart of gold and the tagline "the least interesting thing about me is that I have cancer." Champagne had the hubris to face her terminus with a bucket list of changing the world and to redefine breast cancer. She was a former child actress, paralegal, bartender, filmmaker, and #Cancerland founder. This fearless leader used her matchmaker skills to bring diagnosed women together in love and support for one another right up until moments before her death.


Champagne was a tireless advocate for Metastatic Breast Cancer research and legislative changes to the treatment of men and women living with metastatic disease. What started as a hashtag and online community for women with metastatic breast cancer is now is a nationally known non profit and advocacy group for people with all stages of breast cancer.

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