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Kate Crawford

Kate Crawford is a patient-centered health advocate, writer, mom and wife living with metastatic breast cancer. Kate has been in the medical field since she was a teenager when she became a certified emergency medical technician and firefighter. Kate co-founded a nonprofit, Project Sweet Peas, after the death of her newborn daughter and subsequent children all needing to be in intensive care after birth where she fell in love with health advocacy work. She served as President, CEO and now as a board advisor.  At 28, with 3 toddlers at home, she was diagnosed with HER2+ Invasive Ductal breast cancer with metastasis completely covering her liver, pelvis, spine and spreading through other bones. She was diagnosed with a rare cancer-causing genetic mutation known as Li-Fraumeni Syndrome that leaves her susceptible to multiple cancers. She started a Facebook group for young women living with metastatic breast cancer to share their unique challenges where she first met Beth Fairchild. Over the years, Kate has worked with Beth on many projects including the first virtual MBC advocacy campaign. After her diagnosis, Kate created a “Mommy Bucket List” that went viral where she and her family work to create special memories that will outlive cancer. She shares openly about her struggles in motherhood and living with an incurable disease across many online platforms.

Kate was nearly finished with her degree in Business Management with a Social Media Marketing focus when she realized that she wanted to do more with patient advocacy. Kate is now working towards her Healthcare Management degree with a Patient Navigator focus. As of 2022, Kate has been living with MBC for almost ten years, has had over 150 cancer treatments, numerous surgeries, including a double mastectomy with aesthetic flat closure and lives with the many side effects from being an outlier with this disease. Kate resides south of Pittsburgh with her family, where they enjoy crossing things off her bucket list, rescuing animals, going on adventures and listening to music as loud as they can.

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