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Rachel Burns

Rachel Burns is a singer/songwriter, artist and activist as well as a stage 3 breast cancer survivor. Rachel’s diagnosis was in 2013 (ER/PR+) and she went through 9 months of treatment including chemotherapy, double mastectomy and radiation. She has subsequently had a total hysterectomy after her initial treatment as a preventative and as a result from side effects of treatment. Rachel met Beth Fairchild after her diagnosis in 2014, and after meeting Beth, became inspired to support and advocate for her fellow Stage IV patients. Rachel advocated for research and started a yearly concert, “Live from Stage IV” enabling patients and thrivers with cancer to sing live on stage with bands at concerts in Washington, DC. 


Rachel got her degree in Classical Vocal Performance at New England Conservatory of Music and worked as a top producing Realtor for 25 years-managing her own business and attending to her clients’ needs. The demanding schedule of real estate and continued health issues led Rachel to prioritize her time which led to leaving real estate and focusing on being a Mom to her two daughters and launching herself back into music full time-writing music and singing. Rachel advocates for women with breast cancer through music and art. She also loves traveling, cooking vegetarian food, staring at the stars, birdwatching, renovating homes and spending time with family and friends. 

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