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#CancerCulture (formerly known as #Cancerland & founded by our late friend Champagne Joy) is a multi-media, social platform focused on shifting the paradigm and changing the way you think about breast cancer through art, culture, and equitable development. We produce and document transformative events for the patient community, including retreats, fashion events, concerts, and art exhibits. 


Our Mission

Cancer Culture is a multi-media social platform focused on shifting the way you think about BREAST CANCER through art, culture and equitable development. 

We are redefining BREAST CANCER by provoking accountable actions towards Breast Cancer Action and improving quality of life for those living with CANCER. 


Through programs like the NYFW event, #ThisIsMBC, live concerts, and retreats, we bring patients together to create community and lasting memories, helping patients heal mentally and emotionally through artistic expression and fellowship. 

Cancer Culture Co-Founders:

 Beth Fairchild (Right)- Stage IV Metaststaic Breast Cancer) & Rachel Burns, Stage III-C Breast Cancer

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Recent Events

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  • The I/Deal Breast Cancer Fundraising Fashion Show opened 2023 Milan Fashion Week. The the first ever MFW event featuring patient models. 

  • The Legacy Retreat, part of the #ThisIsMBC Campaign, created in partnership with Eisai, provides an emersion in cancer culture for patients living with breast cancer. During the retreats, the experience and the patient's stories are documented as part of their living legacy.


Working with the best partners:

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